Monday, May 25, 2009

Clear Skies ahead...

Since EvE Online became available on Steam it made it easier for more people to join up and stuff..

But thats not the point. Someone has joined EvE and Steam together in a different way entirely.

Here is Clear Skies.

2 short films based in the EvE galaxy of New Eden. made with space side cinematics from EvE online. interior, actors and stuff from Valve games, and not Gmod.

here be links to both films:

Clear Skies

Clear Skies II

the links will take u to a page to downlaod each as torrents, but just under the main link is a small link to downlaod the .wmv file directly ;)

also link to the main site.. Clear Skies site

enjoy :3


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links to such an incredible show! Better than most movies coming out!!

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