Thursday, June 18, 2009

My new instructable

and i can post it here with this funky implement :3 enjoy :P

Pocket Ardiuno kit. - More DIY How To Projects

Monday, May 25, 2009

Clear Skies ahead...

Since EvE Online became available on Steam it made it easier for more people to join up and stuff..

But thats not the point. Someone has joined EvE and Steam together in a different way entirely.

Here is Clear Skies.

2 short films based in the EvE galaxy of New Eden. made with space side cinematics from EvE online. interior, actors and stuff from Valve games, and not Gmod.

here be links to both films:

Clear Skies

Clear Skies II

the links will take u to a page to downlaod each as torrents, but just under the main link is a small link to downlaod the .wmv file directly ;)

also link to the main site.. Clear Skies site

enjoy :3

Friday, May 22, 2009

Robot proto-test thing.

Just a small prototype running a pre programmed set of movements.
pics are minus battery.

Later sensors will be added for light seeking.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Robot H-bridge pair motor driver

A couple of 6-transistor H-bridges to drive the left and right motors for a small robot.

schematic used was from here: Beam Online Circuits

the 4 signal wired will be attached to an arduino and then tested with a simple program to make sure it drives the motors well.

more to come....

I'm Robotering

Yea. I'm messing with a few simple robot type things atm.

One being a R2D2 type robot thing, prototyped with a wii nunchuck control. And later to be autonomous.

the other a simple object avoider, or light follower. Not decided yet. It will be using a couple of transistor based h-bridges.

both will be run from ATMega168 chips running Adrduino based code, most probably on custom boards to suit the robots frame.

pictures soon..
here is R2 as is now tho. He has continuous rotation servos in the feet, and a normal servo for the head movement, and an LED in the eye. no sensors as yet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Soon as I can be arsed I will be posting some projects, and other things I have made here.

Also I will be posting interesting things I find.

So keep watching :3

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sculpt in progress

Just a teaser of a sculpt I'm in the middle of making :)

Its of the nurse character that's in my Deviant art gallery, and is in the blog entry regarding it ;)

I'm sculpting this using 'Green Stuff' putty, and 'Superfine White Milliput' over a wire skeleton.

A sort of step by step will be posted at a later date after I have competed her :)

My deviant Art :3

Bongmaster's Deviant art

My gallery where I showcase my arts and 3D stuff. There are many awesome artists there :)

compact Arduino is Compact

This guy built a compact Arduino all on one chip, including a TTL header but excluding the ICSP header (to save space).

That makes a small footprint for any breadboard :P

read all about it and his expanded version with ICSP and other stuff here O'Baka Projects


I will now share Things and Stuff